Resounding Music

Gabriel Hudelson

The Womb of The Dawn


In The Womb of The Dawn, film composer Gabriel Hudelson releases his first forays into the world of vocal music. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if a film composer wrote a vocal album, here is your answer. The heavy influence of film music is unmistakeable, along with clear elements of classical style, but the compositions themselves defy easy classification.

Gabriel enlisted the help of gifted singer Faith Evangeline Phillips to take this album beyond the computer-produced limits of his previous releases, “Hero,” “Providence,” and others. From the heartbroken moans that open “The Fall of Jerusalem” to the operatic “The Womb of the Dawn” to the triumphantly soaring final notes of “Forgiven” and “Meridian” to the tender solos of “Twilight Men,” Faith’s rich voice adds depth, humanity, evocative beauty, and unforgettable uniqueness to the rich orchestral compositions.


      Forgiven - Faith Evangeline Phillips and Gabriel Hudelson

TOTAL TIME: 44 minutes



1. The Womb of The Dawn
2. Because I Love You
3. Forgiven
4. The Fall of Jerusalem
5. Twilight Men
6. Meridian
7. This Side of Paradise