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“It bears mentioning from the get go that Gabriel is a man of outstanding character. I say this first because you can rest assured that he will work tirelessly on a project, have a fantastic attitude, and strive hard to please his clients. I speak from my experience as a client of Gabriel’s when he was composing for my feature film Bound. Gabriel was always timely and professional in his responses, while remaining friendly and relaxed. If we needed flexibility in our schedule he would do his best to accommodate. Naturally we had ideas about our score; Gabriel was quick to listen and implement while being unafraid to make contrasting recommendations (he is the expert, after all). I am tremendously pleased with the final product, and have gotten no small number of compliments and questions about the composer. Gabriel has knowledge of numerous styles of music and brings a wide range of experience to the table. I recommend him highly.”

– Greg Tull, director of Bound

“Gabriel is a talented composer, whose quality and creativity far exceeds his age. He open-mindedly and patiently worked to understand our needs for a 60-second commercial. He delivered a draft in a very short timeframe, which allowed us to get a sense of what he was thinking. His final composition was rich and exactly in line with the customer’s needs. Gabriel is a man of integrity and very easy to work with. We highly recommend Gabriel for anyone who is seeking a creative composer who will deliver quality work in the needed timeframe.”

– Andy Kaufman, filmmaker

“Gabriel is fantastic! Long before listening to his music, I knew by his writings that he was someone I wanted to work with. His humility is convicting. His music is excellent. A great joy to work with, and I hope to work with him again very soon.”

– Shad Eash, Biblical Worldview Media

“When we were working on our film project “Brothers Arise” I chose to bring Gabriel Hudelson on as the film composer because I was impressed by his work and found his music to be personally inspiring to me. I believe he has an incredible raw talent and skill for utilizing the power of music to connect with an audience – even reaching to their very core – and bringing the story to life. I highly value Gabriel’s ability to write music in a timely fashion and work within the tightest of deadlines. This has been an incredible asset to me on my projects. Not only will I be working with Gabriel more in the future, but I think we can all expect to see many good things coming from him in the coming years.”

– Spencer Weaver, independent filmmaker and director of Brothers Arise

“Gabriel Hudelson was fantastic to work with. He was able to take my vision of what I wanted in the music and bring it to life.”

– Jeremiah Warren, filmmaker

“You kept me well informed and I was never worried about the final music. We had to talk through some details – making adjustments – but that was no problem. You have a talent for getting the grand, epic sound; that’s what this film needed and you delivered on that.”

– Benjamin Owen, Border Watch Films

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. It was great working with someone so flexible and open to new ideas and I really valued what you brought to the table.”

– Jean-Marc Le Doux, filmmaker

“Gabriel was amazing to work with. He captured the essence of my project in a creative manner, and the way the music matches the emotion of the film is amazing. He had open communication and was quick to revise. He’s at the top of my list for future projects.”

– Aubrey Hansen, author

“It was an honor to have Gabe compose the music for our video. I have had numerous compliments already as to the order and appropriateness of his work. Gabe is a humble young man who truly knows how to use his talent for the glory of God. I look forward to having Gabe compose the score for our next project.”

– Steve Ringer, In Defense of the Family

“Music is one of the most important and engaging elements of any media production. Gabriel Hudelson, with his impressive ability to compose in a wide variety of styles, is sure to create the perfect mood for any scene. I would highly recommend his services for any production, large or small.”

– Daniel Tekunoff, classical guitarist

“I am loving working with you. You always seem to nail exactly what I am thinking.”

– Caleb Allen, Straightway Pictures