Resounding Music

Gabriel Hudelson


HERO cover

HERO is an album of legends; a chronicle of journeys and of those who take them; musical tales of overwhelming odds, imminent danger, stubborn courage, and final victory; a point of departure for flights of imagination set for destinations unknown.

HERO invites the listener to take a daring trip; to set forth boldly through treacherous terrain and against insurmountable odds; to fight, to die, and to conquer. It is a journey fraught with turmoil but founded on hope, knowing that the just God Who reigns over all will be victorious in the end. It is a journey which roams from the wild west to the wild oceans, from city streets to ancient citadels.

It is the journey of heroes.


      13 The Remnant

TOTAL TIME: 1:03:18



1. Hero
2. Shadows in the Fog (Inspired by “Brothers Arise”)
3. White Hat, Dark Sky (Featuring guitar performance by Daniel Tekunoff)
4. Critical Mass
5. We March As Brothers (From “Brothers Arise”)
6. The Rescue
7. The Other Side of Midnight
8. No, You Move (From “Church & State”)
9. Kingdom Forever
10. Moment of Truth
11. Cured of War (From “Sons of Georgia”)
12. Dying Breath
13. The Remnant
14. Inevitable
15. Vindication
16. Sinking The Treacherous
17. Phrygia
18. Inheritance (Suite from “Brothers Arise”)
19. A World Apart (For the “Red Rain” book trailer)
20. Forsaken Land (Trailer music for “Brothers Arise”)