Resounding Music

Gabriel Hudelson



Most good stories start off as an idea- and lots of those ideas involve music.  Whatever your idea is- whether it’s a movie or a musical, an album or an app- and whatever stage your idea is in- script, locked-cut, or just looking for a listening ear and an honest (and hopefully educated) opinion- I want to hear it.

Of course, the bread and butter of my work is film music. Good music is a powerful and necessary part of any film project. It’s indispensable. A well-crafted score can be the difference between a good film and a great one. As I write music for films, my desire is to tell your story. I want to give your film a unique voice, a distinctive musical signature, a melody that has never been heard before, while sculpting an underscore that empowers and enhances the emotions and messages of your movie.

So what’s your story?

Let’s bring it to life.