Resounding Music

Gabriel Hudelson




Medieval instruments join the big percussion, bold brass, rhythmic strings, and gentle woodwinds of the orchestra and Gabriel Hudelson’s signature pianistic flair to create an unforgettable soundscape rich with soaring melodies and intense rhythms.  The music follows the adventures chronicled in Monitogo Studios’ “Bound,” narrating everything from a suspenseful jail break to a daring castle raid to a tender moment between siblings.  Featuring singers Nathan Jacobson and Breanna Buckhout singing Anna Stoyeff’s original song, “Chains,” with orchestration by Gabriel Hudelson, as well as music from the Bound Kickstarter video, music from the official trailer, and the composer’s pre-composition thematic suite written to develop the themes for the film, this score is one that soundtrack collectors, film enthusiasts, and music lovers alike will not want to miss.

Thanks to Joseph Santoyo at Thunder Horse Studios for doing the heavy lifting on the “Chains” vocals.


TOTAL TIME: 48 minutes



1. Bound
2. Zathen Lost
3. Disorganized Crime
4. Guaramoth Won’t Wait
5. The Cage
6. No Time for Thinking
7. The Bridge
8. A Way Across
9. An Old Friend
10. Nathan Takes the Plunge
11. Zathen Found
12. Chains
13. Miracle (From the Bound Kickstarter Video)
14. Avoiding Detection (From the Bound Trailer)
15. Finding Home