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BOUND Trailer

Just to get the excitement going a little bit.

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You may recall a Kickstarter video I was involved with a while back for a film called “Bound.” Since then, The LORD provided above and beyond the stated funding goals for this project, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity … Continue reading

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Desire and Reality

When I write music, many times I can hear in my head what I want the music to sound like.  I’ll get excited, hardly able to bear the fact that before I can write the glorious conclusion that’s already ringing … Continue reading

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Making Your Composer Happy

On my Facebook page I recently asked the question: “If you could learn one thing or have one question answered regarding film music, what would it be?” One response that was given was this: “A checklist of things composers would … Continue reading

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Refracted Glory

Over the past month-and-a-half or so, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with friend and fellow composer Bradley Jamrozik on the score to the upcoming Border Watch Films documentary Refracted Glory.  Below is a video peek behind the scenes of the scoring … Continue reading

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“Providence” Album Release

Music from the Founding Fathers Project- which blends the stereotypical fife-and-drum sounds of colonial America with the heart-on-sleeve passion and orchestral grandeur of modern film music- is now available for download from the Resounding Music store!  Below is a taste … Continue reading

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Demo Reel 2014

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EXALTATION Album Release

I had the immense pleasure of working with seven other composers on an album of music celebrating the birth of The Lord Jesus Christ in a cinematic style.  This album presents a musical take on Christmas not quite like anything … Continue reading

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What About Rock Music?

“Is rock music evil?” This question, or variations on its theme, comes up often in conservative Christian circles (within which I am proud to swim). Before presenting the answer to this question, a few things must be established: 1. Music … Continue reading

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“BOUND” Kickstarter Video

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of working with Monitogo Studios on a Kickstarter promo video for their mind-blowing stop-motion film project, Bound.  Praise God, in the interim, that project has been funded above and beyond even the … Continue reading

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