Resounding Music

Gabriel Hudelson




Gabriel Hudelson was homeschooled from day one, began piano lessons in early childhood, and started writing music for movies when his family started making them. Having been the kid who practiced piano for three hours daily and of his own volition, he naturally fell into the role of composer for the family projects.  That taste of both the filmmaking and the composing processes ignited a passion for film music and sonic storytelling that has only grown over the years.


Today, Gabriel teaches piano and produces music from his studio in southern Arizona, where he lives with his wife, Bethany, and their baby girl. His music has underscored more than 40 media projects, including feature films, documentaries, vocal albums, Kickstarter videos, an iPad app, a political ad, and a number of short films. He is also a staff member of the Rhapsodize Music Network.


Gabriel’s passion is to see Christians creating superlative music for the glory of God; to see powerful stories told with Christ-honoring excellence; to empower the burgeoning independent Christian film movement with music worthy of its message; to create music that proclaims the authority of Jesus Christ.  This is the vision of Resounding Music.