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Gabriel Hudelson


Wow, what a year!  Praise God.  Looking back on 2014, it’s thrilling to see the things that God has brought to pass.

I’ll start with the most recent:

I had a fantastic experience this year working with Monitogo Studios on their outstanding brick film BOUND.  The score was incredibly fun to write and I am so happy with how the score turned out- as well as with how the film is turning out!  I was privileged to work with songwriter Anna Stoyeff in orchestrating her original song, “Chains,” for the film’s end credits sequence; Joseph Santoyo of Thunder Horse Studios recorded and edited the vocals beautifully, leaving me to mix performances by Nathan Jacobson and Breanna Buckhout into the orchestra-scape of BOUND.  For this project, I purchased BestService’s library ERA: Medieval Legends.  Weaving those medieval sounds into the score was immensely fun.  This score is now available for purchase in the Resounding Music store.

cover K

A little earlier in the year I had the amazing privilege of working with talented young vocalist Faith Evangeline Phillips on my latest stand-alone album release, and by far the broadest project in scope that I have undertaken to date.  Creating this album was in many ways the realization of a dream for me, and God’s Providences and Mercies in bringing it to pass were abundant.  This project featured far and away the most live-recorded content I have every utilized, and I am thrilled with the result.  This album is also now available for purchase in the Resounding Music store.


Wow, what a blast this project was!  As if getting to work with renowned documentarian alongside fellow composers and brothers in Christ (Bradley Jamrozik, Zachary Horner, Christopher Cain, and the man in charge, Daniel Lamb) wasn’t enough, I learned a ton about healthcare and economics and wrote styles of music that I’d never attempted before.

Providence Cover


Somewhere in there I released the music from the Founding Fathers Project- an iPad app that I scored a while back and had never gotten around to making the music public.  No longer.  You can get this album here.

Starting off a year of wonderful collaborations was my work along side Bradley Jamrozik, a great composer and a great friend.  We joined forces to put a musical signature beneath Border Watch Films‘ outstanding and slightly mind-blowing documentary Refracted Glory.  This album is available on iTunes.

Even earlier in the year was the Christian Worldview Film Festival; an awesome experience, and one I’m very much looking forward to repeating in a few months.

Whew.  God is good.  I can’t wait to see what He does in 2015!

Christ shall have dominion.  And that makes it a very Happy New Year.




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