Resounding Music

Gabriel Hudelson

Babylon Effect, Episode 1

Our culture trains us to always obey orders. Police officers- soldiers- whenever someone objects and tries to explain why you are not protecting justice, what is the response? “Just following orders.”

But is there ever a time to disobey orders?

The second (and first, since the last one was really an introduction) episode of The Babylon Effect.

Also, here is some more music from “Act Like Men.” One of my biggest takeaways from this project is that melodies are crucial and distinctive- but rhythms can be very unique too. This piece is driven by a morse code distress call rhythm which is very unique. I want to continue finding unique and fitting rhythms- and not just falling back on my old standbys.

Here’s the morse code– can you hear it in the piece?

CQD – “Act Like Men” by gabrielhudelson

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